Wedding in california

Hilary & Josè

Welcome to our blog dedicated to the extraordinary journey of Jilary and Jose, celebrated amidst the spectacular landscapes of California. We find ourselves at Cavallo Point, a charming venue that provided the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable wedding. As Pietro and Vale Poljphotography, we met Hilary and Josè during their symbolic wedding in the marvelous Puglia, Italy, the previous summer. From that moment on, it was clear that their love story was meant to be told in equally picturesque locations.

Joining them here at Cavallo Point, we had the honor of capturing every precious moment of this special day. From tender glances to the exchange of vows, every moment was infused with authenticity and overwhelming love. The majestic cliffs towering above the Pacific Ocean provided a breathtaking backdrop for our photos, while the warm California sun illuminated their happiness with a golden glow.

This wedding was much more than an event; it was an experience that celebrated the union of two kindred souls, united not only by love but also by the joy of sharing life together. It was a privilege to witness such authentic and vibrant love.

In our blog, we will share the most exciting moments of this memorable day, offering practical advice for couples seeking inspiration for their dream wedding. in California. From decoration ideas to stunning locations, we will guide you through every detail, turning your wedding dreams into a splendid Californian reality