Apulia Wedding - tenuta pinto

Alexia & Salvatore

Welcome to our blog dedicated to the fabulous celebration of the wedding of Alexia and Salvatore, which took place at the stunning Tenuta Pinto, a typical Apulian farmhouse nestled among the olive groves of marvelous Puglia. This wedding was a true triumph of refined details and local traditions, making this day unforgettable.

Tenuta Pinto provided the perfect setting for this magical event, with its white walls standing against the blue sky and ancient olive trees creating an atmosphere of tranquility and timeless beauty. The atmosphere was further enriched by the Lecce-style illuminations that lit up the estate with an enchanting glow, creating a fairytale ambiance that captured the essence of Puglia.

Every detail was crafted with love and attention, from the gorgeous floral decorations adorning the estate to the luminaries that added a touch of magic and romance. A traditional carousel added an element of fun and nostalgia, giving guests an unforgettable experience.

In this blog, we will share the most exciting moments of this extraordinary day, offering inspiration and practical advice for couples looking to create a dream wedding in Apulian style. From floral arrangement ideas to local traditions to include in the ceremony, we will guide you through every stage of planning, turning your wedding into an unforgettable event immersed in the beauty and tradition of Puglia.